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Q: How do I order?
A: You may order online or place an order by phone with a promo products advisor.  If you order online a promo products advisor will call you to go over your order and answer any questions you may have. 

Q: Where do I send art?
A: Please send your art to art@corporategiftpros.com.

Q: What type of art should I send?
A: The easiest way to send your art is by email.  Our factories take adobe illustrator and adobe photoshop.  All of our factories will take a high resolution .eps or .ai file from these programs.  Some of our factories will take .psd and pdf files.  Please do not send jpg, gif, powerpoint or word documents.

Q: How long will it take to get my order?
A: We work will 3500 factories and each factory has a different production time.  If you do not see a production time on your product call us and we will let you know.  Production does not include the day you put your order in, weekends or holidays.

Q: What is overruns and underruns?
A: Every factory in the promotional products industry has overruns and underruns.  Most are 5% but some may be as much as 10%. That means, for example, if you order 144 pieces a factory can ship you up to 5% more or less than what you ordered.  You are responsible for paying for what you receive.  If you receive 138 you will pay for 138.  If you receive 150 you will pay for 150.

Q:  How much will shipping cost?
A:  That depends on the item and the quantity shipped and the location we are shipping from and the location we are shipping to.  It is hard to estimate your shipping before the order ships mainly due to the overrun/underrun policy - since we don't know exactly how many are shipping.  We can give you a ballpark but you will not get an exact shipping total until your order actually ships.